Discover and celebrate deeper levels of authenticity, connection + opening
Break free from limiting patterns, trauma responses, roles + stories

Connect to your power + truth

Receive guidance + techniques to turn up your spiritual gifts + put them into practice
Open, express, connect + feel support from an aligned community

Learn how to fine-tune your vibration to love and abundance

Create a fulfilled lifestyle of true alignment, freedom and purpose

Do you feel free to follow your joy?

Are you putting your spiritual + personal growth journey into practice every day, or are you just reading about it?

Experience Freedom is a 14-week online group awakening immersion (including a 7-night luxurious retreat in paradise!) that takes a highly-curated group of 11 epic beings through a process to live their truth more fully and take their inner work deeper. Together, we use alignment, opening, authenticity, purpose, and genuine freedom to create a daily life practice.

Wouldn't it be nice to feel safe showing up as your fully expressed self in all moments?

Do you know exactly what it takes for you to feel good, regardless of life's turbulence?

Do you have accountability for how you show up in the world?

Do you have a community supporting your journey of self-discovery and expression?

Are you aware of your unique magic and how best to express it?

You've read the books. You've learned the techniques. You've done therapy and coaching. You've acquired the wisdom. When is the last time you experienced that wisdom actually working in your life?

This program is designed for you to put it all into practice, while holding each other in support and accountability.

This is not about teaching you what it takes to be free. In fact, you likely already know a lot of that stuff. This is about making it your lifestyle. This is the "how." This is taking it deeper. And we do it, together.

A sneak peek inside Experience Freedom

"It's my job to create a space that is the 

wide-open doorway to your freedom.
Your job is to walk through it."

Ride to true freedom

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