My Story

Nina Camille

Freedom for all beings everywhere. That's what I'm here for, and it starts with the Self. I'm here to co-create a world where we remember we are One and live in harmonious alignment with our truth, revealing and sharing our gifts with each other from a place of overflowing abundance and freedom. For the Earth and each other.

I love being a conduit for the reconnection of our human experience and our innate spirituality. My passion is to demystify spiritual truth and translate that wisdom into logical, practical techniques to live well in the moment and feel safe to be our true, fully-expressed selves.

We all have unique magic. In order to step fully into our gifts, most of us first have the work of healing from our trauma, revealing and releasing our shame, and then allowing ourselves to being fully seen and loved.

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My work in the world is to live life in it's fullest expression, to expand beyond every perceived limit, to be a living reminder that we are love, to bask in our inherent abundance and to share all of this by teaching others to live fully, freely, and purposefully. Our gifts are meant to be shared, and you are meant to live the life pulling at your heart. I'm here to help you embody your truth and live your freedom.

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In order to teach this work we must first live it. This program is a culmination of my life's work so far, it is ever-changing and expanding, just like us. The content adapts to every group, we go further and further each time I've run it over the past three and a half years. I am deeply committed to living what I teach, and honored to blend together everything in my repertoire to serve you at the highest level possible in each moment.


The transformations that result from this program are profound and ever-lasting. It will continue to unfold throughout your life, because freedom, connection and openness are a lifestyle. The relationships you build will last and deepen. We create real opening, real results, and real community.


My career experience ranges from leading transformational group programs (like this one), facilitating and creating retreats, one-on-one and group breakthrough coaching, teaching yoga and leading yoga teacher trainings, guiding meditation, producing destination events, luxury service on yachts + private jets, and teaching health + plant-based nutrition. I have combined this experience with knowledge and tools gained through my own personal experience in order to create this all-encompassing, truly transformational and fun program to help you live your most full, free and purposeful self in presence of other awesome people doing the same deep inner work.


I want you to master the tools you need in order to navigate this human experience with grace, whether you are in stormy waters or smooth sailing. I want you to feel and remember how safe and loved you are, every day.

I want you to feel whole and love your life. Together, we will radically open. Let's do this.