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“Hands Down the best thing I have ever done for myself. Nothing can compare to the process of healing and personal development while in a group setting. I was skeptical, I had never done anything like this before, living a F*** Yes life.... Was that really possible?  Experience Freedom provided me with the safety to identify my truth while being held in a container of Love & Compassion, I was able to shed 40 years of shame, giving me space to be me and learn to love myself from the interior - learning to love from abundance and not a place of scarcity. Every week gave me something new to reflect upon, an added perspective to ponder. By the end putting it all together, it becomes an accumulation of everything - my story, my truth, my ability to respond, my ability to Love myself first, the ability to become the observer, Experience Freedom is everything and then some - all wrapped in Love!!! Thank you EF Family! You will be a part of me forever, thank you!”

- Taneasha

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Through Experience Freedom, I heard the stories of self-doubt I was telling myself, and saw they no longer served me. Today, I’m living an entirely new story. I’ve seen myself change & continue to show up in my relationships in new, loving ways. I learned acceptance & kindness for myself & others to a whole new degree. I gained a family of amazing, loving, wonderful people who love & support me. I feel better in my own mind about myself & my life, which helps me live my joy & share my best self with others. Honestly, I can’t list all the things I received from Experience Freedom, because they continue to happen daily.

- Anthea

“My number one gift from Experience Freedom is awareness - I am super aware of everything I am doing. Meditation skills have also made a huge difference. Inspiration to do and be better, learning to receive, being in the moment, breaking down limitations I’ve created in my mind, improving positive self-talk, reflecting on myself, being kinder to myself, and being a little more courageous.

"Nina is a truly gifted soul that has found her calling through coaching others. She has the ability to provide perceptive insight and advice that has given me so much clarity and control over my own life. Participating in EF has been one of the most inspiring and transformational things I have ever done. The group provided me the tools and support to make the changes I’ve been praying for. I met some of the best, most supportive people I have ever encountered and I am truly grateful to have been a part of such a soulful, loving, life-changing experience."

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- Erica

“Coming into this there was a lot of putting my own needs last, completely losing my sense of self and putting myself into work. I am now beaming with courage to speak my truth and stand my ground. I have learned to put myself radically first and show up with respect for myself. I have been able to really witness the mirrors and see where and how I’m a vibrational match to everything in my life. Now, I am being the source of love I deserve and truly believing it.

- Brittany

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“I'm a pretty big reader. Philosophy, psychology, evolution, the human mind... I love all that stuff. Despite my reading, I had never been successful internalizing and living according to all the wisdom humans have revealed over the course of history. Experience Freedom was the missing ingredient. Inspiration, philosophy, spirituality, practical day-to-day strategies, and downright, hardcore science... Experience Freedom has it all. The only thing more remarkable than the program is the person running it. Nina is truly amazing and if anything you've seen in the program resonates with you even the smallest amount, you have to find a way to do it. Words are wholly insufficient to describe the impact it will have on you. There are few things in life I'm as comfortable endorsing as Nina and the Experience Freedom program!"

- Matt

- Adam

“The Experience Freedom course was awesome. It acted as a practical guide on how to more clearly identify what is important in my life, AND steps to get there. My biggest takeaways were all the processes and making time daily to do the things I love to do. I learned to set intentions rather than just targets, and to not make your targets a sprint -- Making it an endurance game, finding the way to relax in my day to day and enjoying the journey fully.”

- Tiffani

“The biggest transformation is being more soft with myself, and giving myself the love that I give others. I realized how important it is to take care of yourself first, and speak kindly to myself as I would a friend. The retreat and having people reflect the love back to me so much was really huge for me. I have learned to love all parts of myself. Accepting and loving all of my experiences instead of treating pieces of my life like they were separate has allowed me to heal on a more collective scale.”

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“The biggest transformation I’ve had from Experience Freedom is being able to look inside myself and start getting comfortable with what I see. Knowing how I feel and who I am is more clear than it’s ever been, more clear than I can ever remember.”

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"Nina is a true friend and coach. I've never been able to open up and explore the emotions that are limiting for me. After exploring Experience Freedom, I am coming from a place of Yes. I feel empowered to make the hard line choices that because of fear I've been held back in living. I feel like I have a new power to see things without reacting and so, so much more. If you are looking for a way to connect to yourself as well as understand more about the opposite sex, I strongly suggest checking out Nina and her amazing coaching."

- Bryan

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